It all begins on the seashore, in the province Ragusa, thanks to expert professionals. The seed is planted in specific seedbeds in order to obtain healthy and luxuriant plantations. The sprouted plants, after the appropriate checks, are manually transported into greenhouse.


In the growth process of the plant, the meticulous work of the “bumblebees” is fundamental: quick and efficient workers who perform the task of pollinating the flowers of the cherry tomato.


In the summer period, from May to September, our tomatoes reach the right the light ripening level, when the organoleptic properties are at their best and the rhythms of nature are fully respected.


When tomatoes are ripe and become bright red is the right time for harvest: our staff pick tomatoes by hand, bunch by bunch.


Soon after harvest, Cherry tomatoes are carefully selected by our experts who check their quality. The transformation process begins after the washing and the selection: this is how our tomatoes become Agromonte specialties, following ancient Sicilian traditions.