Productive Process

We know our tomatoes one by one

Cherry and datterino tomatoes are the two  varieties used by Agromonte for the preparation of products. We choose them for their intense taste and sweetness, which make them perfect for everyone, from the most refined palates to those of children.

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Nature is on our side

The products of the Organic line of Agromonte are prepared and created using raw materials ofour own production coming from organic agriculture.

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Agromonte Kids

Ready pasta sauce for children.

The Organic ready to use Cherry Tomato Pasta Sauce is a product designed especially for children. It contains fresh organic cherry tomatoes that grow under the Sicilian sun, selected vegetables and extra virgin olive oil. The sauce is creamy and without pieces, thick and full of flavor, just the way children like. Ready in 1 minute, it is perfect for preparing a delicious dish while the children have fun with the games on the pack.

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Agromonte’s Gift Boxes originate from the idea of gifting not only a delicious and exquisite product, but also a trip down memory lane. The large quantity inside the package makes the gift perfect for sharing a traditional taste for lunches, dinners or even aperitifs with family and friends. The boxes are available in three different sizes: small, medium and large, to meet every need and necessity.

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